What it is:

  • An opportunity to read a book you might not have made a priority to read before (or let’s be honest, may never have even heard of)

  • Discussion with a focus on how the book triggers growth areas in your own life

  • A chance to reflect on healthy changes you may want to make

  • A chance to put some of those lessons into practice before coming to the Zoom call

  • A group Zoom call to discuss people’s experiences with the ideas presented in the book.

  • A chance to reflect on last month’s book and the changes a person has attempted to implement as a result of the book discussion.

  • A place to build a community of people whose main goals are to grow and support each other’s development in this lifetime

What it is not:

A bitch session

A gripe session

A "rip the author down" session

If you are looking for one of those, go to a bar.

We are focused on building each other up, using the month’s book as a catalyst for exposing and/or supporting the changes we want to see in our own lives.

You will receive an email with the list of books for the January to December calendar year, after signing up.

Every other month, the genre will flip between self-help and romance novels. So if June is a self-help book, July will be a romance novel, and August will be back to self-help. (Then September will be a romance novel and so on).

In December, specifically the week between Christmas and the New Year, we will discuss the points that have struck you from the Complete Works of Neville Goddard, thus giving yourself a whole year to read his collected works.

2024 Book Club List:

Why Kim is qualified to lead this book club:

  • She’s a trained educator and is a certified public school English teacher in multiple states.

  • She’s a licensed clinical social worker in PA and knows how to support people who want to make lasting changes in their lives.

  • She’s an intuitive and a certified intuitive teacher. She doesn’t just listen to you; her insight and support comes from outside herself too, where she walks in light and longs to support those around her for their greatest potential.

  • Kim has an MFA in creative writing and knows the craft and form, but the truth is she comes at these books from an angle the average reader doesn't usually explore.

  • Kim melds all of these trainings and abilities into one incredible package that helps people see the books they’ve read and their lives in ways they never imagined.

Come join us on an incredible journey that will leave you astounded by how much you learned in such easy and enjoyable ways.

How will this work?

  • Kim or one of her team members will send you an email with the book titles for 3 months. You are responsible for obtaining your own copy of the book and reading it prior to the group discussion.

  • Kim or one of her team members will send you a reminder of the date the book club will meet for the month.

  • Kim will send you a Zoom link for the book club

  • You attend - bring a nosh and a party hat.... okay the party hat is optional.

  • Kim will bring the questions and we will support each other as we take turns answering the questions.

  • The format of the meetings:

    • Meetings are 2 hours with a 10-minute break

    • The first 45 minutes participants will go over which aspects of the previous month’s read they attempted to apply and how that worked out in their reality. (In our inaugural session, we will discuss just the book and if we end a bit early, we end a bit early!)

    • 10-minute break

    • Next, Kim asks questions from this month’s read, asking for situations and scenarios in people’s lives that are parallel to what the characters learned and discovered. Or in the case of a self-help book, Kim will go over the ideas and principles outlined by the author and what happened if anyone tried to apply them prior to the book discussion.

    • In all discussions, there is a focus on natural discussion, honesty, things that are big accomplishments, and areas of growth participants experienced when applying principles presented by the author (and also discussed in book club).

  • Closing 10 minutes: goals people are going to make for the next month based on the topics discussed in the book club.

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