Intuition Coaching

Kim defines intuition as using your whole body to sort and sift energy into clear messages of hope and transform for a person's best possible life.

Kim Beam has been using intuition to guide her life over the past 20 years. She wants to give you all of her expertise, training, and knowledge. She has learned what it means to "hear," discerning which are the voices of ego and which are the voices of truth.

She has navigated every moment when her intuition was so certainly a YES only circumstances never turned out that way.

She knows what doubt, fear, shame, and giving up look like - first hand.

Responsible, seasoned, grounded teaching that has been backed by mentorship and certification. Kim knows the pitfalls and the ways this work can challenge, as well as the ways this work brings hope, joy, and enlightenment.

Kim is offering that to you.

8 one on one sessions


  • 7 ways you receive intuitive information

  • Truth vs Doubt

  • Ego vs Knowing

  • Trusting oneself

  • Confidence

  • Protection

Need some additional sessions after our 8 week sessions?

I am offering a 4 session add on program for just


In training with Kim

You will not only learn the methods to tap into your own intuition, and grow skills you already have, for Kim fully believes everyone is intuitive. You will also learn how to phrase an intuitive hit so it encourages, how to present yourself as an intuitive, and how to handle it when you are pretty sure you are sensing correctly, but those you are talking to deny the intuitive hits.

Kim will guide you through all of the processes, building your confidence, dispelling your doubts, confirming your experiences, and guiding you to a deeper level of understanding of yourself and the universe around you.

This is your moment to learn from an expert in the intuition field, someone who has been walking through the process for over 20 years.

Kim brings kindness, compassion, understanding, and support to every one-on-one session.

She wants every human on the planet to be able to trust their knowing senses of the world around them.

She wants every human to create lives they love to live.

Not yet certain if this for you?

Schedule a 20 minute consult with Kim to talk about goals, dreams, hopes, and desires. She will help guide you to come into the best path to create a life you love.

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