Finding Your Dream Life Partner

Kim Beam brings you through a 30-day adventure that will make you feel alive and more connected to yourself while you learn the manifestation techniques to bring the love relationship you crave into your life.

Each week builds on the last - from learning to love yourself to telling the universe the kind of person you are looking for and learning how to release and allow - trusting the universe to bring it to you.

Kim Beam walks you through the steps she personally uses to create the love relationship she is looking for in her own life.

She is authentic and vulnerable in sharing her story and her experiences using these techniques. Kim sits you down in her kitchen and shares her heart and her knowledge with you, inviting you into compassion and understanding. She addresses fear and resistance. She shares how weird it can feel to show yourself love and how good, all at the same time.

Each week is broken down into themes




Self-acceptance and resistance


The qualities of the person you are looking for and helping the universe hear your heart


Learning how to release and allow - basically how to trust the Universe/Source/God to deliver when the time is right

When you complete this course, you will not only have a much more rounded view of yourself and what your heart and soul long for, but you will have the “boots on the ground” action steps to take to help you make that vision a reality.

Note: this course offers Kim’s original Blue Flame teaching as a Bonus - it contains two meditations to help you remove resistance and emotional obstacles from the path allowing you more freedom and spaciousness to create the atmosphere needed to bring in the relationship you seek.

Course Content Delivers

  • Over 3 hours of teaching - $197 dollar value

  • 9 guided meditations - $25 each equaling a total value of $225

  • 1 workbook to enhance the experience - $97

  • 1 bonus module which includes 2 meditations and a 20+ minute video - $86

  • 15-minute time slot of 1:1 time with Kim to discuss the content of this course, questions you have, and how this is playing out in your life - $47

All of this for only


What you take away from purchasing &

completing this course:

  • Lifetime access to the materials

  • A deep sense of what makes you feel loved and the kind of person you are looking for to share this life with you

  • Support to make a plan on how to love yourself better and support to continue these practices throughout the 30 days of this training

  • Guidance on how to break down the barriers that stop you from moving forward into your dreams

  • Guidance and encouragement in helping you release your resistance and create open space to bring in the love relationship you seek

  • Support in making yourself and your needs a priority

  • Compassion and understanding for all the challenges between where you are and where you want to be

  • Meditations that help you get in touch with yourself and the person you are trying to bring into your life

  • Meditations that break down barriers and the roadblocks that hinder you

  • A bonus teaching that helps you break barriers to any issue you are having though they are geared to your love relationship specifically. You can apply these practices to any area in your life you are trying to shift and bring in the universe’s best. These practices can also deepen your relationship with yourself and your own inner wisdom

  • There are journal entries for the bonus material to help you remember your experiences in the bonus meditations

  • A workbook that guides your thinking and helps deepen this practice for the entire course, including the bonus material

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